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Exercise our bodies, our minds, and our souls...

The staff of the Santa Fe, New Mexico Animal Shelter & Humane Society is heartbroken over the sudden death of an orange and white tabby named Meow that tipped the scales at 39 pounds. The cat was turned in last month by its 87 year-old owner who could no longer care for it. The shelter put Meow on a diet and posted all his weigh-ins on a Facebook page that got national attention. Meow had lost 2 pounds and was doing well when he began having breathing problems Wednesday. Despite constant attention, and medical testing and treatment, Meow died on Saturday, May 5th from complications due to morbid obesity.

My own cat Gracie is obese, weighing around 17 pounds. I know she loves me but I wish she would stop trying to be just like me—get the hint! In four years since coming to Saugus I have gained back the 62 pounds it took me a year to lose while at my previous assignment and an additional twenty pounds or so. I wish people would stop telling me that I look like I am losing weight! Perhaps if people would say, “Gee, Father Dan, it looks like you have put on weight,” it would motivate me to be more proactive in doing something about it rather than just buying bigger clothes sizes.

In response to my weight gain I purchased a treadmill last year at this time, but the only wear and tear that the machine has had since then is from being moved three times to different rooms. Likewise the most exercise that I have received from it, as it is very big and heavy, is from moving it. So before I spend, i.e. waste, more of my own money on a cat exercise wheel, yes, there is such a thing; in fact, EBay advertises one called the “TreadWheel for Over Weight and Obese Cats” by GoPet for the unbelievable low price of just $650,  I have pledged to get on with it and start to do something about my own weight gain before forcing Gracie to exercise. I figure it’s all part of the parent leading by example sort of thing. As opposed to just talking the talk, I will walk the walk.

Speaking of obesity and lack of exercise reminds me of the attitude that many Catholics have for their faith. For instance, how many of us are content to just take things as they are presented to us instead of probing deeper to find the meaning behind certain Catholic teachings? How far have we advanced in learning about our faith? Sadly, there are many Catholic adults who, although they have college degrees in their chosen careers, their faith knowledge ended when they were confirmed.

As Catholics, the responsibility to learn about the faith falls on each one of us. It is not relegated to religious education teachers, religious brothers or sisters, or priests for that matter. It is solely our obligation. However, being mindful that many people may not care or may not know how to probe the mysteries of Catholicism, I have undertaken the task of providing the means by which adults can increase their faith knowledge. Each month both of our parishes have booklets provided by The Word Among Us that features daily meditations based on the Mass readings, inspirational essays, stories of the saints and stories of people who publicly witness to their faith. There are also a host of pamphlets that explain Catholic teachings and positions on matters that affect our lives. Listed below are a few great Catholic websites that I want to share with you:





Take advantage of these and other resources to enrich your faith and enliven your life as a disciple of Jesus Christ.


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