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Planning to get married? Congratulations! We rejoice with you! We hope you will use this special time to deepen your relationship. A wedding is only for a day; a marriage is for a lifetime. Some people wish to marry at either one of our churches; others wish to be married elsewhere. Some mixed-religion couples wish to be married by a minister or rabbi, but want their marriage recognized by the Church. Whatever your circumstances, we wish to be of service.



Sorry, we can't prepare everyone, but we can help those who are:

  1. Already registered parishioners or someone who lives within the parish boundaries;

  2. A non-parishioner from outside the parish boundaries a with a letter of permission from their own pastor.


The Archdiocese of Boston has a number of requirements; one is a six-month preparation period. The other is attendance at a formal Marriage Preparation Program approved by the pastor.



Parish clergy are not required to travel to other locations to marry parishioners. However, we will prepare your required paperwork here and send it the parish where you will be married. Request to travel to another church may be made to an individual clergy member but arrangements for travel including fuel, tolls, parking. Lodging (if an overnight is required,) meals and an honorarium are to be expected.



  1. Wedding coordinator and use of the church:

  2. $300 for parishioners, providing they are on record as contributing weekly.

  3. $500 for non-parishioners

  4. Music fees are additional

We don't turn away couples because of financial hardship. Talk to the priest assigned to your wedding about what arrangements can be made.



To begin the process, or have your questions answered, please call Fr. Tim Kelleher at 781-233-2497. (This is the main number for both parish offices, and is where the clergy offices are located-call here even if you plan to marry at Saint Margaret's church.) Or send him an email at [email protected] He will be in contact with you and an appointment to meet with you and your fiancé will be established.


In order to serve you, you will be asked whether either one of you has been married, even in a civil ceremony. (If previously married and the former spouse is still alive, we need to secure an annulment. Sorry, no wedding date can be set until both parties are free to marry; the timing will vary depending on the case.)


Once you have met with a priest or deacon, and the freedom to marry of both persons has been established, certain paperwork will be filled out, a wedding booklet and forms related to weddings at the parish will be handed out.


Attend a formal Marriage Preparation Program (pre-Cana) as soon as possible after the initial meeting. A directory of programs will be given to you.


After having attended the formal Marriage Preparation Program, contact the priest or deacon for another appointment. These meetings will explore the spirituality of the marriage, deepening your relationship, handling conflict and improving your communication, and planning the Wedding Ceremony or Mass.


A final meeting scheduled at least six weeks prior to the wedding will be set up for the finalization of the details for the wedding. At this time, all fees are collected.


Paperwork is always required!


Please get the paperwork as soon as possible. Don't delay to the end.

  1. Catholics will have to secure a reissued Baptismal Certificate from the parish of their baptism. Parishes need only be contacted, and they usually send the form to you or to us quickly.

  2. If one of the couple is a baptized non-Catholic, any baptismal record, or photocopy of one, will suffice. Failing that, an affidavit of a parent or attendee will suffice.

  3. If one of the couple is not a Catholic, we will secure permission to marry a non-Catholic. You should have discussed in advance the issue of rearing the children as Catholic.

  4. If you are marrying outside the diocese, we will need to know the name of the officiant, the parish, the place and the date of the wedding.

  5. Some couples who are marrying a non-Catholic wish to have their marriage celebrated by anon-Catholic minister or rabbi. We will need to know the reasons for this special request so we can seek the required dispensation. Please supply the name of the officiant as well as the place and date of the marriage so that it can be properly registered.

  6. If either of the couple has been previously married, and the former spouse is still living, then additional steps need to be taken. The steps and timetable required will depend on the particular case. Contact Fr. Tim Kelleher to answer any questions.

  7. The Wedding Details Form with choice of prayers, readings, vows, etc.

For other resources regarding marriage, please visit the U.S Catholic Conference of Bishops' website:


For information regarding Marriage Preparation Programs, please visit the Archdiocese of Boston website:



Click here to view/print choices for your wedding readings

What do I need to do to get married at either Blessed Sacrament or St. Margaret's?

Call Fr. Tim Kelleher at 781-233-2497 and he will meet with you to get the process moving.

How long does it take?

Fr. Dan will review the specifics with you, but the Archdiocese requires a six month preparation period.

How much does it cost?

No one will be turned away who cannot afford to pay. However, the normal fee structure is $300 for contributing parishioners and $500 for non-parishioners.


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