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Dear Parents:


Congratulations! In celebrating the birth of your child, we would like to welcome you to our faith community. A person born into the human family is an event of great proportions. A person reborn through the waters of baptism into the church community of faith gives promise, hope, and an expectation that our world will be a better place. Because baptism is a sacrament of belonging, we hope that you will consider joining our wonderful parish, if you are not already part of it. Our parish has a long history of reaching out to people of all ages and backgrounds. When it comes to offering assistance as far as the basic necessities of life, we do not make it a point to inquire as to one's faith, instead, we aim to do what Jesus instructed his followers to do; feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, clothe the naked, take care of the sick, etc. In addition to these tasks, we also take very seriously our mission to educate our parishioners in the teachings of the Catholic faith.


In having your child baptized, you will make a promise to God to raise your child in the Catholic faith; specifically to keep the commandments, by loving God, and loving one another as we love our very selves. It is our desire to assist you in this responsibility of forming your child in order that he or she may become an active and vital part of Jesus' Church. On the day of baptism, you will receive from us a booklet containing Catholic Prayers as well as a handbook on the essential teachings of the Catholic faith.


In these process, we offer you the means to deepen your own appreciation of the Sacrament of Baptism through study and reflection. Today's understanding of baptism emphasizes an enlivened faith, a meaningful celebration of the ceremony, and a nourished sense of our ongoing mission as Catholic-Christians. The challenges of such involvement on your part highlight the beauty of this time in our personal family, whether this is your first child or one of several children. We invite you to view this process of having your child baptized as a time of faith growth, not as a burden to get through. We hope this information assists you in the journey to fulfill your role as Christian parents. Please remember that you do not walk this path alone. We are with you always as members of a parish family.


We hope that you will take time to reflect, as individuals and as a couple, on what it means to have your child baptized into the Catholic Faith. We emphasize here the importance of the "little church of the home." That little church will be the place where your child will first encounter a loving God who lives within each person. It is within the little church of the home that the child will be exposed to the meaning of Reconciliation (forgiveness) and Eucharist (gratitude.) If fostering a sense of gratitude and forgiveness is important within the family home, then your child will find these sacraments meaningful when celebrated with the greater faith community.


This Baptism Module contains the following items:

  1. a letter on Understanding Baptism

  2. a letter on the role of the Godparents with the Godparent Commitment

  3. the Pre-Baptism Registration Form

  4. Schedule of Baptism Dates

Please read through everything carefully, paying special attention to The Role of Godparents. There have been instances where a parent will contact one of the clergy after their child's baptism has taken place and demand that a godparent's name be removed from the record book because of some newly discovered issue or incident. We cannot do this as the names are part of the Official Permanent Record. Therefore, we advise you to choose wisely your child's godparents.

There are three main items that must be received together at the church office before your child's baptism will be scheduled:


  1. Pre-Baptism Registration Form

  2. Two bottom halves of the Godparent's Commitment Form (signed by the godparent only)

  3. Child's birth certificate (Only if one of the following applies: the parents are not married; the child is adopted; the child has a legal guardian outside of his/her mother and father.)

Parents and godparents must attend a baptism preparation class prior to the baptism. If the class is somewhere other than Blessed Sacrament or St. Margaret's in Saugus, then a signed letter on the church's letterhead stating one's attendance at such a class must be furnished. Please be aware that even if the baptism has been scheduled and invitations mailed, party plans made, etc. we will not permit the baptism to take place without prior attendance at a baptism preparation class. We don't insist upon this because we want to make things difficult. Instead, we insist because we want parents and godparents to fully realize what baptism in the Catholic-Christian community entails. I think the rock star Alice Cooper sums it up best when he said: "Being a Christian, that's a tough call. That's rebellion."


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to help you.


May the Holy Spirit provide you direction and guidance, and may the celebration and family life you begin become God's work in your home! God's Blessing and peace be with you.


Sincerely yours,

Parish Clergy


Rev. Tim Kelleher, Pastor

Rev. Mr. Francis (Frank) Gaffney, Permanent Deacon


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