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Message from the Pastor

                            Religious Education Registration for 2019-2020 Program

Dear Parent or Guardian,

As parents or guardians, you are the first teachers in the ways of faith.  You are the ones who introduce God and church to your children.  At the Baptism of your child, there was a blessing prayed over you as parents which sums it up nicely; “GOD IS THE GIVER OF ALL LIFE, HUMAN AND DIVINE.  MAY HE BLESS THE PARENTS OF THIS CHILD.  THEY WILL BE THE FIRST TEACHERS OF THEIR CHILD IN THE WAYS OF FAITH.  MAY THEY BE ALSO THE BEST OF TEACHERS, BEARING WITNESS TO THE FAITH BY WHAT THEY SAY AND DO, IN CHRIST JESUS OUR LORD.’

As pastor, I am here to support your efforts.  During the nearly five years I have been here, Carol Nadeau, Joanna Corea and I, with the help of the Religious Education Advisory Board, have made and will continue to make adjustments to the program to strengthen it.

Our goal is to compliment the faith foundation you have given your child(ren).  The goal of the Religious Education Program is to enable the children to come to know better the faith of the Catholic Church, but also to deepen a relationship with God.  It has been my experience that it is in relationship with God that we are enabled to handle the joys and the challenges of life.

This goal cannot be reached unless we work together.  The students are in class for a limited period of time.  Without the support and encouragement of the family at home, the class time is of little value.  I have noticed over the past few years the increase in families participating in Sunday Liturgy.  This is a welcome change.  Yet there are still the majority of families who do not participate.  During the coming year, we will be exploring ways to improve the approach to faith formation for the Saugus Catholics Collaborative in the academic year 2019-2020.  Our goal is to make it a more family oriented program that will encourage families to grow together in faith and participation in their faith. The Eucharist is the backbone and fiber of our faith and unless the children come to appreciate it; there is little gained in religious education classes.  

Children learn by repetition and example.  Prayer should be part of a child’s everyday experience.  A child should know how to bless oneself, and to say the Our Father by the time he/she enters religious education classes.  The Religious Education Staff and the priests will support your efforts but we cannot do it by ourselves.

Once again we will begin the registration process early this year in the hope that class lists can be developed, books and materials can be ordered and the necessary recruitment of teachers can be accomplished before the end of summer.

The religious education fees will remain the same for this year and once again there will be no fee for the families of religious education teachers.  The registration fee does not cover the cost of the program so we continue to ask for your support of the Weekly Offertory Collection so that we can maintain and continue to improve our program.

Remember children learn much more from what they see than from what they hear.  Family worship at Sunday liturgies and parental involvement in the program is imperative to the development of your child’s knowledge of his/her faith and relationship with God.

Enclosed is a Religious Education registration form for the coming year.  Registration fees are $85 per child for grades 1-6; $125 per child for grades 7 & 8 and $150 per child for grades 9 & 10.  The family limit is $225.  Please fill out the form and return it to the Collaborative Office at 14 Summer Street along with your registration fee.  You can also register and pay the fee online by going to our website at www.sauguscatholics.org.

Sincerely in the Lord

Rev. Timothy J Kelleher


Blessed Sacrament/St. Margaret

14 Summer Street

Saugus, Massachusetts 01906


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